Diary of a Murder Pdf Download & Review

diary of a murder book pdf

diary of a murder book pdf

Book: diary of a murder
Author: Young-Ha Kim, Krys Lee
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781328545428
Format: Epub, PDF
File size: 19.91 Mb

Story summary:
Twenty-five years have passed since the last murder. Or twenty-six? There will be any one of the two. Yonhui’s mother was my last victim. The administrative assistant at my community center was a woman.

People think Yonhui is my granddaughter. When I say to everyone: No, she is my daughter … then she raises her eyebrows. Yonhui did not tolerate less abuse at school. There is no mother, the father is old, so the other children are very irritated.

Whatever it was, one day the doctor said, ‘No doubt, Alzheimer’s has happened. Gradually all your memories will be lost. ‘To an elderly serial killer, Alzheimer’s life can be called a practical joke!

‘I am in love with someone, his name is Pak Yotai.’ The bomb exploded. Meanwhile, I read about a murder in the newspaper. The incident in our village. A total of three girls were killed in our area and the adjoining area. …
According to the police, the job belongs to the serial killer. The third victim was found after my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. So I asked myself: Am I a murderer?
But there is a gap somewhere. It just seems like something is not right. I met Pak for the first time today, but even then I started to hate him. Why? Did I see anything inside him? What did I see?

Why isn’t Bejanmata killing Yonhui yet? Do you want to hold the girl hostage? Is Yonhui keeping me close so I can’t hand him over to the police? If that is the case then maybe you can kill me first. What are you waiting for, Pak Yotai?

Crying, Yonhui’s mother pleaded, “Please release my daughter.”
I said. ‘Okay, don’t worry about him. I will watch and listen. ‘So I am writing so that I do not forget:
I can’t escape leaving Yonhui to die!

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