Les Miserables PDF Download & Review

Les Miserables PDF Download

Les Miserables PDF Download and review:

Book: La Miserable
Author: Victor Hugo
Type: Novel

Book Review:
There are some people in the world who get miserable all their lives. Victor Hugo wrote his famous novel La Miserable around the life of such a man. The son who lost his parents grew up in the poor family of Jean Valjan’s sister. After the death of her brother-in-law, who left seven children, the sister’s family continued to suffer. At one point, when he could not put food in the mouths of his nieces and nephews for the sake of poverty, he was forced to steal bread. But unfortunately he was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing bread. Rebellion arose in his mind for the punishment of Guru for minor sins. He broke the chain three times and escaped but did not survive. He was caught after fleeing every time. As well as the term of imprisonment has been increased. He was eventually sentenced to five years in prison and nineteen years in prison. When he is released from prison, he sees a tendency in the society to hate sinners instead of hating sin. Seeing all this, when he gave up all hope of life, Bishop Meryl became a beacon of hope in his life. With the help of him, Jean Valjan became rich in a short time by trading in jewelery.

However, his happiness did not last long. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in a false case. This time he escaped from jail and started a new life by adopting an orphan girl named Kojet as his own daughter. However, that life did not last long. Kojet marries a young man named Marias. Jean Valjan was emotionally broken as the girl left. At the same time, when Marius misunderstood him, he was completely devastated. He is waiting to say goodbye to the world with the cost pressed inside his chest. Will he meet his daughter at the end of his life? Or will he have to say goodbye to the world before the last meeting? He finally met his daughter at the time of her death. Perhaps this was the happiest moment of Jean Valjan’s difficult life.
Reading the novel, the reader will be able to learn about the life story of Jean Valjan, which may bring tears to the corners of the reader’s mind unknowingly.

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