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b অপেক্ষা উপন্যাস
Title অপেক্ষা
ISBN 9847016600173
Edition 22th Print, 2016
Number of Pages 220
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা


Human life is like a cycle. The earth is spinning, and we are spinning in that cycle inside the earth. You have to stop somewhere, you have to wait. But mankind does not like waiting. The wait – in our estimation, many hours – is short and tedious. Yet people wait. Waiting for a loved one, waiting for a favorite moment, waiting for the tree to bear its favorite fruit.
Waiting is not always for the good. You have to wait for something bad to happen knowingly. We have to wait for the truth called death. Well, is waiting for death good or bad? I don’t know exactly, but no one waits for the dead, even if they wait for the lost. He has no place in any novel. Shuklapaksha says the moonlight has come in the yard. Whatever I put on my body, waiting for the light to come, I realized this was the end.
Cloud after cloud has accumulated, it is getting dark.
Why put me alone next to the door ..
On different days of work, I live among different people
Today I am sitting on your ass.

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