Honours 2nd year English Compulsory Book Pdf Download

Honours 2nd year English Compulsory Book Pdf Download

অনার্স ২য় বর্ষের ইংরেজি বই Pdf book | Honours 2nd year English Compulsory Book Pdf and Suggestion Download free:

Paper Code : 221109
Marks: 100
Class Hours: 60
Paper Title: English (Compulsory)
Exam Duration: 3 Hours
Aims and objectives of this Paper: To develop students’ English language skills, to enable them to benefit personally and professionally. The four skills  listening, speaking, reading and writing will be integrated to encourage better language use.
1. Reading and understanding 54=20
Students will be expected to read passages that they might come across in their everyday life, such as newspapers, magazines, general books etc. Simple stories will also be included to give students a familiarity with different uses of the language.
[N.B. : 5 Questions are to be answered. Each question will carry 4 marks. There may be division in each question]
a) Understanding different purposes and types of readings
b) Guessing word-meaning in context.
c) Understanding long sentences
d) Recognizing main ideas and supporting ideas.
e) Answering comprehension questions.
f) Writing summaries.
2. Writing 40
a) Writing correct sentences, completing sentences and combining sentences. 5
b) Situational writing : Posters, notices, slogans, memos, advertisements etc. 4
c) Paragraph writing : Structure of a paragraph; topic sentences; developing ideas; writing a conclusion; types of paragraphs (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive); techniques of paragraph development (such as listing, cause and effect, comparison and contrast). 8
d) Newspaper writing : Reports, press releases dialogues etc.
e) Writing resume©s.
Or, 8
f) Writing letters : Formal and informal letters, letters to the editor, request letters, job applications, complaint letters etc.
g) Essay : Generating ideas; outlining; writing a thesis sentence; writing the essay: writing introductions, developing ideas, writing conclusions; revising and editing. 15
3. Grammar 25
a) Word order of sentences.
b) Framing questions.

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