[PDF] তোমার নামে সন্ধ্যা নামে Pdf Download

PDF তোমার নামে সন্ধ্যা নামে Pdf Download

Tomar name sondha name pdf download

বইয়ের নামঃ তোমার নামে সন্ধ্যা নামে Pdf
বইয়ের কালারঃ নীল
লেখকঃ সাদাত হোসাইন
প্রকাশনীঃ অন্যপ্রকাশ
প্রচ্ছদঃ মাসুম রহমান

তোমার নামে সন্ধ্যা নামে বই রিভিউ:

Sajal-nadi, Neetu-antu; The story of two loves and sadness seems to run in the same parallel in the book ‘Evening in your name’ Nadi-Neetu two sisters. The lives of both of them are tired of stumbling on the stairs. This book is a solid foundation of that fatigue, sadness, unfulfillment and misery.

Story summary:
River, actress by profession. A fish trader named Fazlu Mia is investing in the production of the play. Doubt grows in the mind of the river, for what purpose will a fish trader invest in drama production? But gets no answer. Could there be any motive behind this? Nadir’s acting life was going well.

The arrival of Sajal made the canvas of that wonderful life painting more colorful. Their relationship turned from romance and anger to romance. As if the best couple in the world is accumulating all the love in the world and paying homage to each other. But alas! When the author is Sadat Hossain, no relationship is happy anymore. As the Himalayan ice began to melt, the amount of love began to decrease. They also broke up. Why should the story of a young bond be ended in such a way?

Another tragic story of Neetu’s secret, single and dormant has taken place parallel to the river. The story begins with the cruelty of Neetu’s life. Then how many ups and downs, how many struggles, how much sorrow, wailing and despair! Antu loves Neetu again, who thinks she is a lonely kite. But his love did not get the status of Neetu’s ignorant mind, it is a mistake to just float in Neetu’s eyes. Will Neetu forgive Antu for that mistake? What will put Antu in his lonely and miserable life?

Character presentation:
There were five notable characters in the story. Nadi, Neetu, Sajal, Antu and Fazlu Mia. Even after reading the whole book, I could not understand which character the author has portrayed as the main character.

Sometimes it seems that the story of Neetu-Antu has got predominance, sometimes it seems that the story of Nah and A is about rivers and water. And in the middle is another mysterious character Fazlu Mia. Perhaps the strongest character in this story is Fazlu Mia.

The character named Antu had a good impact in the middle of the novel, but the author could not portray this character very well.

Personal opinion
The plot selection is undoubtedly excellent. The content of the story is awesome. But reading this book, I discovered something new. That is story-looping. It’s a lot like time-looping. Come back again and again at the same time.

I felt the same way when I read this book. It is as if the same words, the same stories, the same expressions are being repeated by the author in different ways. Turning the page, it seems as if he has repeated the previous words again.

I don’t know if it is Sadat Hossain’s fault. But if this ‘story-looping’ thing hadn’t happened, the journey could have been more wonderful. Just because of this story-looping problem I just got bored reading.

Sadat Hossain has always used beautiful poetry in his books. That continuity was intact in this book as well. He seems to have used poetry appropriately.

And the thing that has suffered the most is the lack of humor in writing. He captures the philosophy with each character. I did not see any character with a sense of humor In everyone’s life there is only sorrow and grief, tears and tears, sorrow and grief. Bengalis eat more sentimental things, so to speak!

Those who are more emotional can refrain from reading this book. There is no saying, “Less grief mourns, more grief stone.” Just turn to stone.

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