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maa anisul haque

মা আনিসুল হক বই রিভিউ:

Title মা
ISBN 9844584221
Edition 99th Printed, 2020
Number of Pages 317
Country বাংলাদেশ
Language বাংলা

Book Review:

How can this book be explained in one line? A woman’s life story? Nah, wrong. “Life story of a mother”.
People from far and wide used to go to Eskaton in Dhaka to see Yunus Chowdhury’s house. Was he a deer at home, how many more swans roamed the white lake! Safia Begum was the maid of that huge house. Safia Begum always kept that house in her head with her only child Azad and her husband Yunus Chowdhury and some relatives. However, her handsome, rich husband remarried. It is said that Safia Begum got married to a woman who was thinking about not getting married.
What happened after that is probably not an easy murder for a Bengali woman even at the present time. Safia Begum left the palace, royal life and all kinds of luxuries and came out with her only son. Nothing he bought with Chowdhury’s money, only a bundle of jewelery given by his father.
The battle for survival began with little Azad. Incidentally, the burden of his sister’s children also fell on him. The day goes on.
When Azad grows up, his studies are over. At that time Bangabandhu covered independence. One day Azad tells his mother that he wants to go to war. The mother does not sleep all night, she is restless, Kaden, her chest is throbbing with unknown fear. Eventually she allowed her only surviving son to go to war for patriotism. All the activities of Dhaka guerrilla forces, keeping weapons, staying and eating went on in their house for a long time.
One dark night, Pakistani troops raided a house in Maghbazar and detained some youths. One of them is named “Magfar Uddin Chowdhury Azad”. Azad met his mother again in jail. The bloody, devastated Azad on the other side of the garade told his mother that he wanted to eat rice. However, no one knows whether Azad’s wish was fulfilled after that.
The next part is known to almost everyone. Because she could not fulfill her son’s desire to eat rice, she never ate rice in her life and never listened to him in bed. That’s all I knew until I read the book. However, it was not known how much Safia Begum had struggled all her life. I have learned from Amma Safia Begum how much a person can be self-sacrificing, hard-hearted, firm believer.
There is probably no need to rate this book. Thanks.

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